Macro benthic fauna of two differently polluted coastal waters of Gulf of Mannar, southeast coast of India

Author(s): T.Mohanraj, H.Sivanesh, A.Nirojan

Macrobenthic community structure of two differently polluted coastal waters of Tuticorin was studied for the period of July 2008 to June 2009. The station I is LWDP and station II is Threspuram. The annual mean variance of temperature of station I and station II is 37.8 and 29.4 respectively. The distribution of benthos was higher in station II than station I. The species diversity is higher at station II with the value of value 3.20 in the month of December 2008 and 2.28 in the month of March 2009 at station I. DO is calculated in station I as 4.12 and station II with 4.60. Station I has distinguished percentage of very fine sand. There are totally 35 species of benthic fauna were collected during this study. The water temperature has a distinct influence on species diversity and abundance in this study.

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