Industrial Business between Environmental Management (ISO 14001: 2015) and the Challenges of Development: The Case of the Industrial Park of Mohammedia City – Morocco

Author(s): El Hour S, Aouane M and Chaouch A

Environmental management designates to the management methods of an entity (enterprise, administration). Indeed, to control the environmental impact of the activity and to ensure compliance with regulations and laws, the production units implement Environmental management system according to the guidelines of the ISO 14001 standard, this standard is based on the principle of continuous improvement of the environmental performance of the company as well the establishment of an environmental approach that enables the company to meet the three key elements of sustainable development. The objective of this scientific paper is to show that the establishment of the environmental management system ISO 14001 allows the units of production in the industrial park of Mohammedia city to respect the environmental approach, to ensure a gain economic and social and therefore face the challenges of development.

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