Homogeneous photodegradation of dye aqueous solutionwithH2O2/UV process: The effects of inorganic anions and temperature.

Author(s): Taha M.Elmorsi, Zeinhom H.Mohamed, Sawsan A.Mahmoud, Hassan M.Abd El Bary

Photodegradation of aqueous solution of Mordant red17 (MR17) azo dye in UV/H2O2, advanced oxidation process was investigated in this study. Results show that MR17 dye decolorization rate was mainly effected by different parameters such as solution pH, H2O2 concentration, initial dye concentrations and presence of different inorganic anions such as NO3 -, Cl- , CO3 2- ions. The degradation percent of the dye decreased by the presence of inorganic anions in the order of CO3 2- > Cl- > NO3 - ions.While increase the temperature of the solutionmediumfrom283 to 318K led to increase the decolorization rate ofMR17 dye from0.048 to 0.164min-1. The lowvalue of the apparent activation energy Ea (24.91 kJ mol-1) indicates that decolorization process of MR17 dye is achieved easily using H2O2/UV process. This results further proved by presence of 100% decolorization ofMR17 dye in about 50min and about 85.57%mineralization in a 3.0 h photoperiod.

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