Green roofs- an eco-friendly approach to sustainable livelihood

Author(s): Mala Ramesh, N.R.Raghavendra, R.Nijagunappa

Urbanization has rapidly been consuming the green cover of the precious earth planet, thus resulting into severe global problem in urbanized areas. The green concept for roofs and the city represents a truly rare occurrence in modern economics: a tool for the remedies for urban climate change, building cooling, energy savings, noise and toxic gas reductions, storm water management, biodiversity conservation and the creation of newmarkets for existing goods and services. Green roofs have become a very important component of sustainable urban development in modern age. Their striking economical and ecological advances, along with growing environmental awareness, are the driving forces for this great success. At present, green roofs and rooftop gardens can be found in most big cities around the world, benefiting the urban environment and its inhabitants. Green roofs have yet to catch on in a big way in India, but hopefully this will change soon. Many building design professionals around the world have hugely underestimated the value of green roofs. Especially inwarmer countries like India, a well-irrigated green roof can provide greater energy savings compared to a cool roof or even an insulated roof. “Green Roofs for Healthy Cities”, have wide benefits. Studies have shown that green building space commands a premium of at least 6% in some countries. Green roofs are comprised of a number of different layers, all of which have different and related functions that have to work together to function properly.

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