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Extractive spectrophotometric method for determination of Dothiepin (Dosulepin) hydrochloride in pure and in pharmaceutical dosage forms

Author(s): Rabie S.Farag, Mahmoud S.Afifi, Mahmoud M.Abd-Rabow

Simple, rapid, sensitive and economical spectrophotometeric procedures have been described for the determination of anti-depressant drugs such as Dothiepin (Dosulepin) hydrochloride (D-HCl) and in bulk sample and in different dosage forms were investigated. The implemented procedures are based on the formation of a yellow colored ion-associates due to the interaction between the examined drugsD-HClwith Picric acid (PA), Chlorophenol red (ClPR),Bromthymol blue (BrTB),Bromcresol purple (BrCP) reagents. In this case the suitable recommended buffer solution has been used and the extractionwas carried out using chloroform, then recording the optimum wavelength using visible spectrophotometer. Moreover, the optimum reaction conditions were carefully investigated whereas the Beer’s law is obeyed within a concentration range of 16-46µg/mL. In addition we have determined the molar absorptivity, Sandell sensitivity and the optimum conditions for quantitative analysis of the investigated drugs. The correlation coefficient was = 0.9983 (n = 6)with a relative standard deviation (RSD) = 1.55 for five selected concentrations of the reagents. Therefore we have determined successfully the concentration of D-HCl drug in their pharmaceutical formulations up to 46µg/mL.

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