Extractive colorimetric determination of mianserin hydrochloride by acid-dye complexation method in pure and in dosage forms

Author(s): Rabie S.Farag, Mhamoud S.Afifi, Mahmoud M.Abd-Rabow

A simple and sensitive extractive spectrophometric method has been described for the assay of Mianserin hydrochloride (M-HCl) either in pure form or in pharmaceutical solid dosage form. The developed method involves formation of colored chloroform extractable ion-association complex ofMianserin hydrochloride (M-HCl) with Picric acid (PA), Chlorophenol red (ClPR),Bromthymol blue (BrTB),Bromcresol purple (BrCP) reagents. The extracted complexes showed absorbance maxima at optimum wavelength using visible spectrophotometer. Beer’s law is obeyed in the concentration range of 1-42 ìg/mL. Correlation coefficient was found to be = 0.9985. In additionwe have determined the molar absorptivity, Sandell sensitivity and the optimum conditions for quantitative analysis of the investigated drugs.

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