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Exposure to Insecticides in Rural Morocco: Study of Serum Enzyme Activity Cholinesterase Biomarkers

Author(s): El Haimouti A*, El Kettani S, Azzouzi EL and Fennich O

Insecticides are widely used in developing countries essentially because of the need to increase the agricultural field. Unfortunately, this is done often uncontrolled and without true user protection. Evaluations of the World Organization (WHO), show that every year there are 1 million poisonings involuntary and 2 million poisonings intentional, including 220,000 deaths. These numbers are sufficient to confirm the existence of an important public health problem. Organophosphorus insecticides are absorbed by the skin, lungs and digestive tract. They are widely distributed in tissues and are eliminated slowly by hepatic metabolism. Their Chronic use may result in other peripheral neuropathies affecting the four members and translating by an isolated or associated motor deficit to a sensitive attack. Central impairment is manifested by changes in the behavior of affectivity, memory and vigilance.
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