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Estimation of Absorbed dose Results from Radioactive Waste Sampling

Author(s): Abd SM, Mansoor TY and Al-Daffaie HS

There has been great concern about the health risks associated with exposure to radioactivity present in soil, thus In this present study, absorbed dose rate measurements were carried out at some selected samples of contaminated soil . The purpose is to examine to what extent such measurements can be used to delineate the effect radiation to the workers and to assess the radiation risk of radioactive waste management personnel by calculating the annual dose of external radiation exposure and the amount of radioactive dose absorbed by the workers. Ladlum detector used to measure the exposure dose rate (µR/h). The germanium system was used to analyze the samples collected from the decontamination processes, the activity concentration ranged from (1026.21 to 25961.5 ) Bq/kg. The value of the annual dos rate vary between (5.55E-05 to .40E-03 ) Sv/h
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