Environmentally Sustainable Management of Fluorescent Lamp Sector in India: Drivers and Barriers

Author(s): Selvi PK, Mita S, Saranya P and Akolkar AB

For the past few decades, energy efficiency still remains as one of the roots of sustainable development in most of the energy intensive sectors including lighting sector. A rapid paradigm shift from energy inefficient Incandescent lamps to fluorescent lamps has been attained to conserve energy in lighting in India. However, the major associated environmental concern of fluorescent lighting is the management of mercury bearing fluorescent lamps from cradle to grave. Surveys conducted by CPCB in 2013-14 ascertains that, manufacture of fluorescent tube light have been suspended by most of the registered fluorescent lamp manufacturers in India and have further shifted to mercury pill dosing (environmentally sound technology), a spillage-proof & zero elemental mercury technology. Further, India’s regulatory measures progressing towards sustainable fluorescent lamp sector are focusing on both energy efficiency and mercury management. Simultaneously, enough thrust on LED is being propelled, as it is affordable, more ‘energy efficient’ with longer life spans & ‘mercury free’.

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