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Enhancement removal of methylene blue from water by using modified beetroot fibers-SDS (Sodium dodecyl sulfonates)

Author(s): Jamil Rima, Abdel Halim Mniemne, Karine Assaker, Chawki Boukarim, Fawaz Al Omar

Beetroot was used to clean water contaminated by methylene Blue (MB). Parameters such as particle size of fibers, initial concentrations, pH of the solutions and rates of effluent were studied to optimize the conditions of removal dyes from industrial wastewater. It has been observed that the efficiency of dyes removal increases when fiber’s size decreases (from 100 to 50 microns). The pH value to remove maximumofmethylene blue is 6.5. Adsorption parameterswere determined using bothLangmuir and Freundlich isotherms. The chemical modification of fibers by an anionic surfactant such as sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) increases the efficiency of the dye’s elimination two times.

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