Dissipation kinetics of spirotetramat and itsmetabolite in four different soils

Author(s): JakkaMastan, B.N.Srinivas,Tentu.Nageswara Rao, N.Krishna Rao

The laboratory study was conducted to evaluate the persistence of Spirotetramat 240 SC (w/v) in sandy loam, loamy sand, sandy clay and clay soils. The applied dosages are T0 – Untreated Control, T1 – Spirotetramat 240 SC (w/v) @ 0.05 mg/L and T2 – Spirotetramat 240 SC (w/v) @ 1.0 mg/L. Collected the composite soil sample from 0-15 cm depth 2 hours (0 day) after the application. Continued the sampling on 1 3, 5 and 7 days for Spirotetramat and its BYI 08330 enol metabolite. All the samples were analysed for spirotetramat content by a validated HPLCUV method with an acceptable mean recovery of spirotetramat; 92% for Sandy loam, 93% for Loamy sand, 91% for Sandy clay and 90% for Clay soil. The limit of determination (LOQ) is 0.03 ppm for Spirotetramat and its BYI 08330 enol metabolite. The DT50 (Half Life) of Spirotetramat and 08330 enol metabolite calculated by regression analysis from the dissipation data.

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