Development of rapid, accurate optode for low level detection of cobalt in potable water

Author(s): Yellajyosula L.N.Murthy, Bhagavathula S.Diwakar, Boddeti Govindh, Nagalakshmi Karthikeyan, Rajendra Singh

The present investigations describe a novel absorption-based optode for cobalt(II) detection. m-(mercapto acetamido)phenol (L’) is used as a specific ligand for Co2+ in water, which undergo a color change from colourless to purple red by the formation of the corresponding monochelated complex [CoL]. The characterization of an optical sensor membrane is described for the determination of Co2+ ions based on the immobilization of m-(mercapto acetamido) phenol (L’) on a triacetylcellulose membrane. The response time of the optode was about 0.5-3 min, depending on the concentration of cobalt(II) ions.

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