Development and validation of an RP-HPLCmethod for determination of levetiracetamin bulk and pharmaceutical dosage forms

Author(s): Prafulla Kumar Sahu, M.Mathrusri Annapurna, Dillip Kumar Sahoo, M.E.Bhanoji Rao

An RP-HPLC analyticalmethod for estimation of Levetiracetamin pharmaceutical dosage forms was developed and validated. A Hypersil ODS C18, 4.6mm250mm, 5mcolumn fromSupelco (India),withmobile phase comprised ofmethanol and ammoniumacetate buffer (pH-4) (80:20) with a total run time of 10 min was used and the wavelength of the detector was set at 240 nm. Ritonavir is used as Internal Standard. The retention times were 6.20min and 5.24min for Levetiracetamand I.S respectively.The extraction recovery of Levetiracetam from pharmaceutical dosage form (tablets) was >99.8%and the calibration curve was linear (r2 = 0.999) over Levetiracetam concentrations ranging from5 to 350g/ml. Themethod had an accuracy of >99%and LOD and LOQ of 0.438g/ml and 1.462g/ml respectively. The method reported is simple, reliable, precise, accurate and has the capability of being used for determination of Levetiracetam in bulk and pharmaceutical dosage forms.

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