Development and validation of a comprehensive method for detection of eighty stimulants, narcotics&other drugs by gas chromatography nitrogen phosphorous detector/mass spectrometry in sports doping analysis

Author(s): Sachin Dubey, Chandrakant P.Shinde,TejinderKaur, Satyendra Pratap Singh, Mahua Chakraboroty, Alka Beotra, Shila Jain

The use of stimulants and narcotics in human sports is prevalent since ancient times. These drugs are prohibited for use only “in competition” in sports by World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), due to relatively short onset of action and if taken immediately prior to the sport event, will cause a performance enhancing effect. Doping control involves initial screening of suspicious samples for a prohibited drug followed by more specific confirmatory method. The dope testing has to be accomplished in a defined time period while fulfilling relevant technical criteria, therefore a simple, high throughput & open analytical method allowing detection of maximum number of analytes is choice of every anti-doping laboratory. The present work provides a comprehensive, sensitive and selective GC-NPD/MSD method for the detection of 80 stimulants, narcotics & fewother drugs of abuse excreted in free formin human urine. The method utilizes the feasibility of combining both the detectors (MS & NPD) with one GC producing dual data in a single run for fast &more reliable identification. The sample preparation was performed by liquid-liquid extraction of alkalinised urine. The limit of detection (LOD) for all substances was between 25-100 ng/ml. The method has been successfully utilized for the testing of more than nineteen thousand samples since 2009.

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