Determined Organophosphorus Pesticide-Methyl-Parathion In Achyranthes Bidentata

Author(s): QU Ling-bo, Zhang liuji , SUN Wu-yong , LI Jian-jun

The levels of representative organophosphorus pesticide-methyl-parathion have been measured by different methods in 11 different samples of Achyranthes bidentata (AB). A new method by fluorimetry with calcein- Pd2+ was used to determinate organophosphorus pesticide- methyl-parathion. Although the frequency of methyl-parathion was relatively high, the levels of its residues were lower than that could be harmful to human health. To the samples collected from the same habitats, a rule could be found from the results that the levels of methyl-parathion in the samples mix-fried with wine decreased more or less, compared to the raw samples.

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