Determination of copper(II) in water, vegetables and alloy samples with polarography at DME using piperidine dithiocarbamate by catalytic hydrogen currents

Author(s): N.Venkatasubba Naidu, S.Kanchi, T.Niranjan, K.Saraswathi

Facile, rapid and sensitive catalytic hydrogen polarographic method for the determination of Cu(II) with Piperidine dithiocarbamate (pip-DTC) in various water, vegetables and alloys was described in the present paper. The method was based on the catalytic hydrogen wave of pip-DTC-Cu(II) complex in the presence of NH4Cl-NH4OH medium at pH 6.6 and produce a catalytic hydrogen wave at –0.35 V vs SCE. Optimum parameters such as effect of pH, NH4Cl-NH4OH,AmmPip- DTC, metal ion concentration and excipient effect on peak height were investigated to enhance the sensitivity of the present method. The proposed method was applied for the determination of Cu(II) in various water, vegetables and alloys and the results obtained were compared with the differential pulse polarography in terms of detection limits.

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