Determination of chloride by direct titration with 1:1mercuric-thiocynate reagent.

Author(s): Shivaji R.Labhade, Vishwas B.Gaikwad

A simple, sensitive, precise and rapid analytical method has been proposed for titrimetric determination of chloride using 1:1 mercuric-thiocynate reagent. The reaction of chloride ion with [Hg-SCN]+ reagent and stoichiometric relationship required for determination of chloride are investigated. The results obtained in chloride determination by the proposed method are confirmed byMohr’s method. The effects of concentration of mercuric and thiocynate ions (in the reagent) on the analytical performance of the method are studied. Feasibility of the method furthermore tested for quantitative determination of hydrochloric acid, hydroxylamine hydrochloride, aniline hydrochloride and determination of level of chloride in syntheticmixture of anions and cations. The average accuracy is found good, which is evaluated by comparison of the results obtained with those claimed by other methods. Ions like H+, NH4 +, Li+, Na+, K+, Ca+2,Mg+2, Sr+2, Ba+2,Mn+2, Zn+2, Pb+2 Cd+2,Al+3, BO3 -3, NO3 -, SO4 -2, CO3 -2, F-,CH3COO-, HPO4 -2 do not show interference while ions such as Bi+3, Ag+, Hg+2, SCN-, C2O4 -2, Br-, I-, S2O4 -2 and S-2 showed interference in determination of chloride by proposed method.

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