Determination of calcium, magnesium, bicarbonate and sulfate in wells of Tiykomiyne area, Talsint region (Eastern Morocco) by ionic chromatography

Author(s): H.Taouil, S.Ibn Ahmed, A.El Assyry, A.Daagare, R.Touir

Applications using supercritical water often encounter the presence of inorganic compounds in feed streams,most oftenwith aminor concentration. These compounds can lead to damage of the equipment via erosion, scaling and corrosion or can influence and disturb the main reaction and processes inside the systems. In order to avoid these problems and to predict the influence of these compounds, it is vital to posses knowledge of the chemical composition of the most common inorganic compounds in supercritical water. For this, the spatial variation of calcium,magnesium, bicarbonate and sulfate were investigated during low flow periods of the year 2011 at five wells level in the Tiykomiyne area, Talsint region, eastern Morocco, using ionic chromatography method. The obtained results show that in the majority of wells, their values are higher than the values set by theWHO(Ca2+ : 270mgL-1 ;Mg2+: 50mgL-1 and SO4 2-: 500mgL-1).However, the total permanent hardness values in all studied stations were found higher indicating that these waters are very hard. These can be explained by the calcareous nature of the geological terrain where traversed by water. Finally, the majority of the studied water wells have a scale or corrosion character. This result limits the use of groundwater as drinking and cooling water in this area.

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