Degradation of effluent of paper mill over UV irradiated metal-metal oxide mesh Co axial photo-catalytic reactor

Author(s): M.P.S.Murali Krishna, G.S.Moses, K.V.S.G.Murali Krishna

In the present paper an attempt made to degrade effluent of paper mill under Photo catalytic condition. Lab scale model instrument fabricated for conductingAdvanced oxidation process. Titanium-Titaniumoxide prepared and used as catalytic surface. The metal-metal oxide film characterized by SEMand XRD analysis. Effluent of permill then subjected to photo catalysis. COD, UVabsorbance, lignin contentmeasured at regular time intervals. At natural PH 6-7 and temperature conditions, at flowrate of 45min per liter through coaxial photo catalytic reactor, using 36WUVlamp, with constant aeration under laboratory conditions 70%of lignin removed in 150 min. in presence of 7.2 10-2MH2O2 80%of lignin degraded in 150 min.

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