Comparison Of Kinetic Models For The Sorption Of Lead(II) Ion From Aqueous Solutions Using Unmodified And Thioglylolic Acid Modified Guinea Corn Wastes

Author(s): A.A.Abia, E.D.Asuquo, I.G.Lawal

A comparison was made on the sorption efficiency of an unmodified(UGC) and chemically modified(TGC) guinea corn waste used to remove Pb2+ from aqueous solutions. The removal efficiencies of the two adsorbents were: 71.2% and 73.3% for the UGC and TGC adsorbents respectively. Also an analysis of six kinetic models: pseudo-second order, pseudo-first order, Elovich, intraparticle diffusivity, mass transfer and intraparticle diffusion equations was also used to characterize the metal ion transport mechanism. The sorption of Pb2+ was found to best fit the pseudo-second order equation. Thereby indicating that the sorption of Pb2+ followed a second order mechanism with chemical sorption as the rate limiting step. The two adsorbents were found to be efficient in the sorption of Pb(II) ions.

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