Comparative analysis of anuran diversity from the central Western ghats of Maharashtra

Author(s): Sandeep P.Sohani, Jay S.Samant

A comparative study to investigate diversity and abundance of anurans was conducted in Central Western Ghats of Maharashtra. Anurans were studied using opportunistic and visual survey method in the quadrates. The selected study sites comprises of Amboli as control site, Malvan, Vengurla as coastal towns, Lanja as commercial plantation, Lote as industrial site and Sawantwadi, Chiplun as growing townships.Anuran diversity was highest atAmboli, followed by Sawantwadi, Lanja,Malvan, Lote, and Chiplun while Vengurla ranked last. The Shannon index showed that species diversitywas higher inAmboli (H’= 2.16) and Lowest inVengurla (H’= 0.97).

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