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Chemical and Functional Evaluations of Raw, Steeped and Germinated Sorghum Bicolor

Author(s): Adeyeye EI, Adesina AJ and Olaleye AA

Chemical composition and functional properties of raw (Rs), steeped (Sts) and germinated (Gms) sorghum samples were studied following standard analytical procedures. The proximate compositions were (g/100g): moisture (6.99-8.20); crude protein (6.99-12.1); crude fat (1.253.23); total ash (0.335-2.05); crude fibre (1.30-2.92); carbohydrate (73.6-80.1). fat, ash and fibre were relatively low. The total metabolizable energy was high at 1543-1600 Kj/100 g and highest percentage energy contribution was due to carbohydrate (PEC%) (81.1-86.1%). Rs had the highest concentration of all the minerals detected followed by Sts and Gms had the least (except in phosphorus where Sts

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