An alternative method for the purity determination of boron by flame atomic absorption spectrometer (FAAS) using acid dissolution method

Author(s): Abhay Yadav, Nirmala Sikder

Increasing use of boron in High EnergyMaterials (HEMs) and allied compositions has drawn attention for the frequent analysis of boron for quality assurance. The analysis of boron is faced with two difficulties of the sample preparation of boron powder and estimation in HEMs compositions. Conventionally boron is analysed by alkaline carbonate fusion at very high temperatures followed by tedious double titration involving various additives such as acid-base indicators and complexing agent. The major limitation is that overall analysis involves several hours and is limited to the determination of purity of boron powder and cannot be used for estimation in HEMs compositions owing to their explosive nature. This paper describes a rapid and accurate method with better precision for boron purity determination. Boron dissolution in fuming nitric acid is carried out in reflux condenser on hot plate. The solutions of acid dissolution and fusion methodswere analysed by FlameAtomicAbsorption Spectrometry (FAAS). The accuracy of the obtained results was checked by comparison of the results with those obtained by titration of samples digested through alkaline carbonate fusion. The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate the acceptable accuracy with better precision obtained from developed alternative rapid method.

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