Amperometric determination of copper (II) in alloy samples and synthetic mixtures using gallacetophenone phenylhydrazone

Author(s): D.Venkataramana Reddy, M.Jagadeesh, A.Varada Reddy

Gallacetophenone phenylhydrazone (GPPH) has been used as an analytical reagent for amperometric determination of copper. Copper(II) is quantitatively determined byGPPH at pH 4.0-6.0.After studying the polarographic behaviour of GPPH and copper(II) at dropping mercury electrode (DME), applied potential is fixed at -0.4Vvs saturated calomel electrode (SCE). The method is applied for the determination of copper in brass, chalcopyrites and syntheticmixtures. The stoichiometry of the complex is found to be 3:2 (metal : ligand). This is also confirmed fromthe micro analytical data of the solid complex, thermo gravimetric and differential thermal analysis curves of the complex.

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