Adsorption of acidic dyes from aqueous solution on eggshell and its membrane: Kinetics and equilibrium studies

Author(s): Monika, Amita

The adsorption of two synthetic acidic dyes from aqueous solution has been investigated on eggshell and its membrane. The influence of pH, contact time, adsorbent dosage, dye concentration, agitation speed, temperature & particle size of biosorbent on the biosorption has been investigated. The biosorptive capacities of the biosorbents were dependent on the pH of the dye solution, with pH 2 being the optimal one. Two common isotherm equations were applied to model the isotherms in the present study i.e. the Langmuir and the Freundlichmodels. Itwas observed that the Langmuir model yields a better fit than the Freundlich model in case of both the dyes, as reflected with the correlation coefficients (R2) in the two cases. The adsorption capacities were found to be 4.054, 14.34, 78.67mg/g for ES+M, ES, ESMrespectively in case ofAcid BlueMTRDye &similarly 2317.66, 10.94, 115.5 mg/g respectively in case ofAcidYellow 5GNDye.

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