A validated HPTLC method for estimation of gatifloxacin in tablets

Author(s): Vandana, Alok Kumar Chaudhary

Asimple HPTLCmethod having high accuracy, precision and reproducibility was developed for the routine estimation of Gatifloxacin in the tablets available in market and was validated for various parameters according to ICHguidelines. Gatifloxacinwas estimated at 290 nmby densitometry using Silica gel 60 F254 as stationary phase and a premix of methylene chloride: methanol: strong ammonia solution and acetonitrile (10:10:5:10) asmobile phase. Method was found linear in a range of 90 monograms to 550 nanograms with a correlation coefficient > 0.99. The regression equation was: AUC= 25.18  (Amount in nanograms) + 2527 (r2 = 0.9844).

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