A study on cross flow membrane module with laboratory synthesized nano-filtration membrane

Author(s): H.Jogarao, G.Kalyani

The evolution of new polymer membrane material is one of the important factors in the quest for advances and improvements in membrane technology. The various membrane processes and range of particles diffusing through or retained are based along the membrane pore sizes. Membrane process like Micro filtration, Ultra filtration, Reverse osmosis, Electro dialysis, and so forth are used individually or integrated appropriately with other traditional techniques, in many industries for the recycling of rare materials, toxic chemicals, polymer binders, etc. The primary aim of this paper is to make a blend membrane with CA/PSf compounds by using the phase inversion technique. Then form Nanofiltration membrane by the extra methods. This composite membrane installed in the cross flow module, and ticking off the performance of the Nano-filtration membrane using drain water.

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