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Papaya Anthracnose

Anthracnose (organism – Colletotrichum gloeosporioides): The underlying indications are watersoaked, indented spots one-quarter to one inch in breadth on natural product The focuses of these spots later turn dark and afterward pink when the parasite produces spores. The substance underneath the spots turns out to be delicate and watery, which spreads to the whole natural product. Little, unpredictable formed watersoaked spots on leaves may likewise be seen. These spots in the long run turn earthy colored. In the atmosphere of south Texas, social control measures ought to be adequate for control of this malady in the home nursery. These measures incorporate evacuating the natural product when it develops, expelling every dead leave and organic product from the region of the plants, and expelling contaminated natural products from the trees. Under states of serious ailment pressure that would be found in increasingly stormy, muggy atmospheres, fungicides might be used. Black Spot (parasite – Asperisporium caricae): The underlying manifestations are water-doused spots on the upper leaf surface. Afterward, little, dark spots are obvious on the underside of the leaf Black spots may likewise be found on the organic product. The tissue underneath them gets corky, however the organic product doesn't spoil. On the off chance that there is a high occurrence of contamination of youthful leaves, a fungicide might be utilized.    

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