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Hamadryas Baboon Open Access Journals

 This monkey is no bozo: Once venerated by Ancient Egyptians as agents of the Egyptian lord of learning, hamadryas primates are likewise alluded to as Sacred Baboons. These tough Old World monkeys show complex social practices, and can live in troops of a few hundred people. In spite of the fact that as of now wiped out in Egypt, these monkeys can be found in huge populaces in Ethiopia, Somalia, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen. Actually, no different types of monkey lives as far north as hamadryas primates. The striking silver manes and pink countenances of grown-up guys add to the one of a kind sort of these wise primates.Hamadryas mandrills are huge bodied monkeys with a solid form and a pooch like gag. The two guys and females have earthy colored or light dim hide. While the females of this species have smooth dark and earthy colored faces, the male hamadryas mandrill has an unmistakable mantle (mane) of long gleaming hair and a splendid pink face and posterior. These monkeys sport a moderately short, tufted tail that isn't prehensile.

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