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Auto inflammatory diseases online journal  The auto-inflammatory diseases are a group of conditions that include the hereditary fever syndromes, and result from upregulated innate immune responses. The discovery of the genetic basis for these conditions led to the description of novel intracellular receptors for infectious and non-infectious danger signals. This article focuses on recent progress in our understanding of auto-inflammatory syndromes, and how insights into these conditions have triggered the exploration of the role of innate immunity in common rheumatologic diseases.   Open Access journal that publishes original research and review articles on the molecular basis, cell biology and pharmacology of inflammation, including acute/chronic inflammation, mediators of inflammation, as well as cellular processes and molecular mechanisms involved in the production of inflammatory responses. The journal especially welcomes the submission of articles on anti-inflammatory drug development, trials and therapies. Excessive, unconstrained activation of the immune system has pathologic consequences. In some cases the unbridled activation is limited to innate immune cells leading to auto inflammatory diseases, in others, the adaptive immune response is tissue damaging. At times, both processes are dysregulated. In all cases, immune homeostasis and mechanisms that dampen either myeloid or lymphoid cells are impaired.

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