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Short communication

, Volume: 19( 1)

On Carbon Mechanism

S Kalimuthu
Department of Environment Science, Pollachi College of Arts and Science, Pollachi, Tamil Nadu, India

Received: November 14, 2022, Manuscript No. TSES-22-79781; Editor assigned: November 17, 2022, PreQC No. TSES-22-79781 (PQ); Reviewed: December 01, 2022, QC No. TSES-22-79781; Revised: February 22, 2023, Manuscript No. TSES-22-79781 (R); Published: March 02, 2023, DOI: 10.37532/0974-7451.2023.19(1).262

Citation: S Kalimuthu. On Carbon Mechanism. Environ Sci Ind J. 2023;19(1):262.


Carbon removal and maintaining a good climate and environment is a problematic problem. If not solved, this will sabotage the entire environment and the overall climate and ruin the globe. Living conditions will become much more difficult and the entire humanity will suffer severely and ultimately survival will become impossible. The research community in this field and various corporate companies are struggling with fewer outcomes. The prime problem is that the costs are touching the sky. By considering these drawbacks the authors propose a holistic remedy to completely erase this problem.


Carbon removal; Divine climate; Divine cosmic sounds; Santana dharma; Holistic remedy


Divine and holistic approach for carbon removal and maintaining a good environment

It is well known that our ancient rishis, seers, monks and other holy persons heard the sacred and divine sounds during their deep meditation. These sounds are sacred cosmic sounds. Om is the most important and number one sound. While in total Nisabth (silence) they heard these Sabdha sounds Om is macro phenomena and im is micro phenomena. The other prime mantras sounds are the beej mantras, namely, Lam, Vam, Ram, Yam, Ham, Sham, Krim, Shrim, Hrim, Hum, Lang, Vang, Rang, Bhram, Dhum, Hlim, Ksraum, Ham, Yam, Ram, Ksam, Aim, Kleem, Streem, Treem, Oom and so on.

The hamsa upanishad (verse 16), enumerates ten types of sound, that one hears during practice: Chini, chini-chini, ghanta, bell, shankha, conch, tantri, lute, tala, cymbals, venu, flute, mridanga, double ended drum, bheri, wind instrument and megha-garjana, the thunder of clouds. These Naathas; ten sounds can be heard only by elevated seers and rishis [1].

Namasivaya, Masivayana, Sivayanama, Vayanamasi, Yanamasiva, Om Namo Narayanaya, Om Namo Bhagavathey Vasu Devaya are the most powerful mantras. The continuous chanting/recitation of these mantras make pulses, vibrations and waves in and around the practitioner. These vibrations move into the entire space and create a divine and sacred environment throughout the cosmos. They purify the entire space of the cosmos transforming polluted air into non polluted air; putting in other words they perform carbon removal and create a good climate. That’s why these divine and sacred environments around the practitioner protect him/her from natural calamities, wild animals, dangerous birds, poisonous snakes and other creatures.

There are a number of holy scriptural evidences and citations for these environmental phenomena. The top himalayan monk Ishaputra has thirty eight holy masters. Gurus all of these peculiar seers live lonely in the Himalayas without food, water and shelter. They are several hundreds of thousands of years old. The above mentioned sacred, divine sounds keep them and rescue them from all risks [2].

The author politely appeals to the research community, corporate companies and all the global governments to apply and practice these holy cosmic sounds to get rid of carbon accumulation and worst climate conditions.

How to achieve and implement this?

• These mantras should be broadcasted in each and every radio station.
• These sacred sounds must be flashed, displayed in every TV station.
• These divine sounds should be continuously recited at every road, office, bus, train, ship, boat, car, bike and all othervehicles.
• These holy sounds must be in every village, town, city, agricultural farms, factories, workshops and other places.

A non-stop chanting of the above mentioned holy sounds/mantras will definitely remove carbon, create good climate condition and keep the total environment free from all the natural threats, this is the only holistic solution for all environmental problems and issues [3].


Let us recall some scientific experiments which confirmed the power of sacred sounds. Several years ago, a western researcher took water in a bowl from a well. He tested the chemical properties, contents and ingredients of that water. Then he poured this water in two tumblers. He kept one glass of water before him and recited Jindabad for ten minutes. Then he retested this water and noted that the water was purified and a lot of good ingredients were found [4].

Then this reacher took the second water tumbler put before him and recited Murdabad. For ten minutes. When he subjected this water into tests he astonishingly noted that this water turned impure and not fit for consumption. This is a strong scientific verification for the good outcome of holy sounds and bad results of evil sounds.

The author likes to cite other scientific experiments with trees. There are several languages. Nearly 99% of the people think that Sanskrit is also a language. No, Sanskrit is the compilation of cosmic sounds whereas all the languages are made by human beings. The ancient rishis heard these cosmic sounds during their deep meditation. They did not like to reveal their names. The Rishis are not after name and fame. These divine sounds were heard even by the seers of south Indian Siddhars. They wrote a lot of Sanskrit mantras in their scriptures. I particularly quote the Tamil Siddhars who used these cosmic sounds.

Scientists have successfully performed easy experiments with trees. They recited a number of words in all the global languages before several kinds of trees. But unfortunately there were no reflections or reactions from trees. When they just pronounced the word Vratsa, there was a marvelous reaction from the trees. Yes, the Sanskrit word Vratsa made the trees responds. These were recorded by the experimenters.

The author wants to add one more real incident. The author has been doing research in mathematics, physics, cosmology, all spiritual philosophies, alternative yoga, alternative medicine, administrative reforms and economic theory and practices. The fifth Euclidean postulate and trisection of sixty degrees without using the protractor are mathematical impossibilities. The author solved these two problematic problems and his scientific findings have been published by international and national peer reviewed journals. In the 1920’s, the famous Russian mathematician alexander freedman showed by applying Einstein’s general relativity theory that the shape of our universe possesses only three possibilities, namely flat, hyperbolic and spherical/elliptic. Several experiments including boome rang, cosmic micro background radiation, NASA and ESA’s observations proved that the shape of our universe is flat with a marginal error of 0.04%. But there is no logical or mathematical proof for the flatness of our universe. The author published ten articles establishing mathematically that the shape of our universe is flat. The shape of the universe problem determines the fate of our universe [5].

Also, the author proved that the existence or generation of tachyons faster than light velocity phenomena is not possible. The unification of all the known fundamental forces of nature is possible. Also, the author just outlined but not proved about the generation of electricity from space and creating space bombs without any raw material. The readers may argue or think that this is an imagination. But the great physicist Albert Einstein used to tell time and again that imagination is more important than knowledge. Without imagination knowledge is not possible.

Besides these scientific explorations, the author published papers in the fields of administration and economics. The interesting information is that the author wrote twenty papers in alternative yoga, three papers in alternative medicine.

The hidden mysteries and treasures behind all of the author’s extraordinary, outstanding and groundbreaking scientific discoveries and inventions of the author are sacred sounds mentioned above.

Yes, before going to begin my search and research, I used to chant the above divine cosmic sounds. These sounds created an excellent environment around me and made me do all these wonders. Till this date, i have not disclosed it to anyone.

This is my experiments with cosmic sounds. Let us recall that our ancient rishis and seers preached about Saguna Brahman, Nirguna Brahman and Sabdha Brahman. So, the cosmic sounds are nothing but Sabdha Brahman [6-8].


So, the chanting/recitation of Sabdha Brahman will solve all the challenges, hurdles, problems and dangers of carbon accumulation, bad climate changes and other/all environmental dangers. There are different religions, various philosophies and even different gods, deities and angels. That is an entirely other subject. But they are for real.


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