Zinc profile and physio-chemical properties of soil of ehime mbano local government authority (L.G.A) of Imo state Nigeria

Author(s): T.A.Abii, Amako James

Total and available zinc status of soil samples fromeight community farms in EhimeMbano was determined usingAAS. The physiochemical properties of the soil samples were determined by standard methods. The relationship existing between the zinc profile and soil physiochemical properties were examined by simple correlation analysis. Result showed that the total zinc content in the soil samples ranged from16.9-156.31mg/kgwith a mean value of 67.1mg/kgwhile available zinc ranged from4.96-20.12mg/kg with amean value of 11.91mg/kg.About 87.5%of the soil samples fromthe community farms had available zinc greater than the critical level of zinc(7.00mg/kg). The results showed that the soil in EhimeMbano ismoderately acidic and is physiochemical properties have no significant relationship with the forms of zinc studied.

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