World energy and environment

Author(s): Vitaly A.Prisyazhniuk

Aim article is the statistical analysis of world energy over a period of time from1971 to 2008 and impact of world energy on environment. The article proposes equations enabling subject to of carbon percentage in ton of fossil fuel to calculate amount of generated heat energy, amount of waste products as consequence of fossil fuel burning: waters, carbonic dioxides as well as of oxygen which get removed from the atmosphere to oxidize fossil fuel. The contribution of individual kinds of fuel to global warming and dynamics of it year by year is shown. Similarity of curves of global average temperatures data dependence of the United States National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) and estimated on the basis of heat production by world energy are show that for an explanation of global warming there is no need to attract representations about role of the carbon dioxide producible by world energy. It is shown, that ocean level rise only from 10 to 3 % is provided by the water synthesized at burning of fossil fuel. The rest is provided by global warming at the expense of thawing subpolar ices.

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