Water quality index of some ponds in western ghat region of Shimoga,Karnataka

Author(s): G.Y.Dayananda, B.B.Hosetti

Water is most vital resource for all kinds of life on this planet, which is adversely affected both quantitatively and qualitatively by animal activities. This resource is put under tremendous pressure owing to the anthropogenic activities. Since water is a unique solvent with properties of dissolving and carrying in suspension, a huge variety of chemicals and gets contaminated usually. The water quality index was evaluated by observing the parameters such as water temperature, pH, DO, BOD, Chloride, Total hardness, Total alkalinity, Phosphate and Sulphate from June 2004 to February 2007. The data of physico- chemical characteristics of Kallambi, Vaddekere and Gudavi ponds, in the vicinity of Shimoga, Karnataka, were used for calculation ofwater quality index (WQI) and value ofwater quality index was 99.1, 94.2 and 99.1 and none of the pond had a value of 100. This indicates that the pond water was slightly below the ISI standards. But the water can be recommended for consumption and for domestic use after purification which is slightly towards permissible limit.

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