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Water Quality in Different Tea Estates in the Northern Part of Tezpur city

Author(s): Iohborlang M. Umlong*, Bibek Halder, Abhishek Das, Dhiraj Dutta, Rama Dubey and Sanjai K. Dwivedi

In the present work, water samples were collected from different points of Tea gardens in northern part of Tezpur city for water quality assessment. Analysis of the collected samples was determined using the respective calibrated analytical instruments to identify the highly correlated and interrelated water quality parameters which are required for safe human consumption and other domestic uses. Physio-chemical parameters such as pH, Salinity, Electrical Conductivity, Iron, Fluoride, Nitrate, TDS, DO, Resistivity, Total Hardness, and Turbidity of all the samples were determined. Out of the collected samples, pH of almost all of the samples found to be less than the prescribed limit (IS 10500:2012), Turbidity of almost all samples found to be more than the prescribed limit, iron concentration is recorded between 0.08 to 3.28 mg/L. No fluoride above the desirable limit is detected. Three of the water samples found to contain coliform bacteria. Nitrate is detected in low concentration. All other parameters analyzed were found to be within the limit

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