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Vanadium(IV) and (V) complexes of 2-formylpyridinethiosemicarbazone and its N(4)-ethyl and N(4)-phenyl derivatives

Author(s): Ahmed M.El-Hendawy, Mohamed R.Mostafa, Maha R.Abd El-Latif

The newcomplexes [VO(L1/L3)(acac)],[VO(HL2)(H2O)(SO4)], [{VO2(L1)}2] and cis-[VO2(L2/L3)] [Hacac = acetylacetonate; HL = 2-formylpyridine thiosemicarbazone ligand or its derivativesN(4)-ethyl(HL2) and N(4)-phenyl (HL3)] have been prepared and characterized by spectroscopy. Their redox behaviour was studied by cyclic voltammetry. They effectively and selectively catalyze the oxidation of primary and secondary alcohol into their corresponding aldehyde and ketone, respectively.

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