Using ZnO supported on clinoptilolite as a catalyst for photocatalytic degradation of metil orange dye in water

Author(s): Ali Homafar, Farzad Maleki, Zahra Abbasi

In this investigation photocatalytic degradation of dyeMetil Orange (MO) in water was studied. Zinc oxide was supported on Clinoptilolite (Iranin Natural Zeolite) using solid-state dispersion (SSD) method. The results show that the ZnO / Clinoptilolite (SSD) is an active photocatalyst. The maximum effect of photo degradation was observed at 10 wt.% ZnO, 90 wt%Clinoptilolite.Afirst order reactionwithK= 0.0119min-1was observed. the photocatalytic degradation reaction. The effects of some parameters such as pH, amount of photocatalyst, initial concentration of dye were also examined.

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