Two photoluminescent crystal architectures with wire frameworks directly assembled by Ag (I) ions

Author(s): Ya Hong Wu, Gui-Ping Tan, Sheng Hu, Shan-Ling Tong, Yan Yan

Two novel crystal architectures with wire frameworks, [Ag2(btc)(im)]n (1) and [Ag3(btc)(im)H2O]n (2) (btc = 1, 3, 5-benzene tricarboxylic acid, im = imidazole), have been assembled by hydrothermalmethod and characterized by X-ray diffractions, elemental analysis, fluorescence spectra and thermal gravimetric analyses (TGA), respectively. Using silver sulfate, complex 1 was arranged as “zigzag” chains of silver ions, while using silver nitrate, complex 2 was presented as straightAg wires. In addition, both complexes exhibit photoluminescence and conductivity at room temperature.

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