Trends of some climatic parameters under climate change scenario in intermontane Imphal valley, Manipur, North Eastern Himalaya

Author(s): Md.Abdullah Khan, Sarfaraz Ahmad, Shadab Khursheed

Trend analyses of climatic parameters in the Imphal valley show an overall increasing in trend of atmospheric temperature. The rate of increasing is more pronounced for the minimum temperature unlike that of the all India and north-east India in Imphal basin. Rainfall trend exhibited increasing trend compared with decreasing trends of regional and national trends. The frequency analysis indicated the decreasing in low intensity rainfall events and increasing high intensity rainfall events in last three decades. Rate of increasing trend for rainfall,minimum,maximumandmean atmospheric temperature observed before the 1981 and afterwards period suggests two different growth periods. While the trends of the daily evaporation and daily sunshine hour show decreasing trend. Observed trends for the various climatic parameters indicated the local effect of global warming phenomenon on local climate in remote North Eastern Himalaya, India.

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