Thin Siliconized Films For Protection Of Carbon Steel Alloys

Author(s): O.M.Abo-Elenien

Hexa-cyclohexoxy-disiloxane (HCHODSO) was synthesized and its purity was confirmed by FT-IR invistigation. The specimens of carbon steel alloy type B grad 39 were considered for the present work. The specimen surfaces were prepared by different grade of emery paper and painted by airless method with HCHODSO. The painting specimens were thermally treated at 550,575,600,625,650 and 675°C for 25 minutes. The physico mechanical, structure, electrical and thermal properties of various specimens were investigated using different techniques, which include SEM, XRD, EDX, USV, polarized micrography and microhardness analyzer. The results revaled that the thin siliconized film thickness measured 4±1 μm and the optimum condition was reached by heating the steel specimens covered by siliconized film at 625°C.  2006 Trade Science Inc. - INDIA

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