Thiazole containing schiff bases and their Cu (II) complexes

Author(s): DevdattaV.Saraf, Seema I.Habib, NaheedAzam, PrafullkumarA.Kulkarni

Six metal complexes of Cu (II) metals were prepared from the heterocyclic Schiff bases and the corresponding Heterocyclic Schiff bases were prepared by refluxing of compounds such as heterocyclic amine (L1) resacetophenone, (L2) 2-hydroxy acetophenone, L3 (pyrrole 2- aldehyde), L4 (pyridine 2-aldehyde), L5 (2- acetyl thiophene), L6 (salicyldehyde) and L7 (thiophene 2- aldehyde) with 2-amino, 6-sulfamyl benzothiazole. The elemental analysis data shows that the metals to ligand ratio in all Cu (II) complexes are 1:2. The structural features have been determined from IR, UV-Vis, thermal XRD spectral analysis and ESR data. All the complexes exhibit square planner geometry to Cu (II) complexes.All the synthesised ligands and their metal complexes were screened for antimicrobial activity the complexes shows enhanced activity than the ligands.

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