The warming ofAustralia isman-made, but not by carbon dioxide

Author(s): A.Parker, C.D.Ollier

Claims that Australia is warming result mainly from the anthropogenic biasing ofthermometer readings and have nothing to do with the changed composition of the atmosphere. Other factors are the misrepresentations of the natural oscillations of the climate, the cherry picking of time windows and the locations to magnify the warming, and the manipulation of the real thermometer readings by reconstruction or homogenization. The case ofAlice Springs is discussed in detail as it is a unique location in the centre of Australia without any neighbouring stations to complicate the pattern recognition. Here the actual temperature measurements show no sign of warming since the end of the 1800s while the reconstructed temperature showthe largestwarming inAustralia. The scientific debate on the difference between using actual measurementsandreconstructions raises several ethical issues.

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