The "present global warming hiatus" is part of a quasi-60 years oscillation in the worldwide average temperatures in the downwards phase

Author(s): Albert Parker

Since the beginning of this century, the seas have not been warming over the surface as well as in the layers up to 2000mdepth, asmeasured in theARGO project. Over the same period, the reconstructed land and sea temperatures of the HADCRUT4, GISS and NCDCdata sets have been warming marginally, mostly because of the largest opportunities to introduce upward biases in a less accurate mixed computational and experimental result. Over the same period of time, the CMIP3 and CMIP5 have predicted huge warmings that have no support in themeasurements or reconstructions. It is shown here that the “present global warming hiatus” is possibly a repetition of a dwelling period of not significant warming that the reconstructions locate from1945 to 1975.

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