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The Impacts of Human Activities on Ogbomosho Rivers: Causes, Effects and Role of an Individual (Ogbomosho Residents) in Prevention of Water Pollution

Author(s): Oladeji O and Adelowo F

Nigerians have come to realize that environmental problems such as deterioration or degradation are not restricted to the developed areas alone. It appears that polluted environment is a global issue and if not properly handled, world community would bear worst results more as they already faced. The study therefore investigates the causes, effects and roles of individual on the management of these rivers and the environment and the health effects these can impose on the citizens. The study revealed that the human activities such as improper land disposal, run-off and agricultural activities amongst others could result to introduction of pollutants in the rivers. Therefore, in the attempt to reduce the effects caused by water pollution, there should be proper awareness and enlightment on the causes, effects and the possible strategies to follow in order to combat this problem.

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