The Impact of the Environmental Management System on Development Sustainable: A Case of Lesieur & Cristal Factory

Author(s): El Hour S, Aouane M and Chaouch A

In a market environment increasingly competitive, the factory Lesieur & Cristal, producer of oil in Morocco, continues to strengthen its leadership position through a policy of innovation, continuous improvement of its managements systems, the environmental management system is implemented in the company according to the guidelines of ISO 14001 to ensure the control and management of environmental impacts associated with its activities of production of oils and compliance with regulations and legislation in strengths. ISO 14001 is based on the principle of continuous improvement of the environmental performance of the company. Thus, the plant Lesieur & Cristal is engaged for several years in a progressive approach and continuous improvement, the implementation of environmental policy of the company makes directly that the three pillars of sustainable development. This research from the factory Lesieur & Cristal demonstrates that the implementation of EMS ISO 14001 provides the environmental, economic gain which allows social emergence and therefore a positive impact on sustainable development in the region.

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