The efficiency of clinoptilolite for heavy metals adsorption from industrial wastewater

Author(s): Y.Hannachi, N.A.Shapovalov, A.Hannachi

The use of low-cost sorbents has been investigated as a replacement for current costlymethods of removing heavymetals fromsolution. This paper describes the interactions of Co (II), Pd (II), and Zn (II) competing for ionexchange sites in naturally occurring clinoptilolite.The percentage adsorption and distribution coefficients (Kd) were determined for the adsorption system as a function of sorbate concentration. Langmuir, Freundlich and Dubinin- Kaganer-Radushkevich (DKR)modelswere used to describe the adsorption isotherms at differentmetals concentrations. Ion-exchange capacity of heavy metal cations indicates the following selectivity sequence: Co2+> Zn2+ > Pd2+.Altogether, these results show that clinoptilolite hold great potential to remove cationic heavy metal species from industrial wastewater.

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