Temporal variations of air pollution and meteorological effects in Al-Hashimeya town, Zarqa - Jordan

Author(s): Sana’aOdat

Air pollutants including SO2, H2S, NOX and TSP were measured in Al- Hashimeya town in Zarqa Governorate, where there are three main sources contributing in different degrees to the pollution of air and these are Jordan Petroleum Refinery, Al-Hussein Thermal Power Station, and Assamra Purification station for household sewage Water. The reports and data relating to pollution in al-Hashimeya have been collected from all sources that had measured the level of pollution in this area during the period from2005 to 2009 are presented. The effects of localmeteorological conditions were studied by statistical analysis. The concentration variations in air pollutants are closely related to those in local meteorological conditions. Both temperature and relative humidity have significant negative correlations, whereas wind speed has a significant positive correlation with these pollutants.

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