SynthesisAnd StructureOf 5-(2-Pyridyl)TetrazoleComplexOfCo(III)

Author(s): Jian-Long Du

One new Co(III) complex {[CoL3](H2O)3}2 [HL=5-(2-pyridyl)tetrazole] was prepared by hydrothermal reaction and structurally characterized. Single crystal X-ray diffraction analysis revealed that the Co(III) is six-coordinate by six nitrogen atoms of three L ligand. Crystal data: triclinic, space group P-1, =9.493(3) Å, b=14.850(5) Å, c=15.429(5) Å, =89.961(6)°, =72.320(6)°, = 85.380(6)°, V=2064.9(11) Å3, Z=2, D=1.754 Mgm-3.

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