SynthesisAnd Investigation Of The Properties Of L-Tris (Parabenzylidene amino phenyl) PhosphiteAnd ItsMetalCarbonylDerivatives

Author(s): Akbar Raissi Shabari, Joseph J.Pesek, Fariba Raissi Shabari, Mohamad Mahdavi

The synthesis and investigation of the properties of the Schiff base tris(parabenzylideneaminophenyl) phosphite as well as the preparation in solution at atmospheric pressure(under N2) of this compounds as a ligand (L) with some metal carbonyls(mononuclear) having the general formula shown below are described. M(CO)n-x Lx,M=Ni(0),n=4,x=1,2, M=Fe(0),n=5,x=1, M=Cr(0), n=6, x=1 L=(C6H5-CH=N-C6H4-O)3P. Elemental analysis as well as infrared, ultraviolet-visible and NMR spectroscopic data are also presented.

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