Synthesis, structural, characterization, spectral studies and antimicrobial activities ofCobalt(II) andNickel(II) complexeswith azo dye ligand

Author(s): V.A.Modhavadiya

The solid complexes of Co(II) and Ni(II) with azo dye ligand derived by coupling of diazoniumsalt of sulfamethoxazole with 2-Ethyl-4-methyl phenol, have been synthesized and characterized by elemental analysis, conductometry, magnetic, IR, NMR, UV-Vis spectral studies and stepwise stability constants by PH metricmethod. Fromthe analytical data the stoichiometry of the complexes has been found to be 1:2 (metal: ligand). The low conductance values suggest that the complexes are non-electrolytes. The physic-chemical data indicates tetragonal geometry for all the complexes. Complexes have been screened for antimicrobial activity against B.megaterium, B. subtilis, E.coli, P.fluorescens,A.awamori andA.niger.

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